Some European and U.S. Pedigree Abbreviations Relevant to our dogs Bloodlines

CH Champion, Sel Select rating awarded at the annual GSDCA Specialty


Intíl CH (International Champion): Awarded to dogs which have completed and earned championship certificates under several European judges at international conformation shows.

FH (Fartenhund): The title awarded at a Schutzhund Trial to a dog successfully performing advanced tracking exercises.

IPO I, II, III: (International Prufungsordnung): Equivalent to the Schutzhund series and awarded to dogs successfully competing in the Tracking, Obedience and Protection phases of the event. Three levels of difficulty are offered, with III being the highest.

KKL I and II (Korklasse I and II): Highest level and the most prestigious conformation title awarded in Europe to dogs which meet strict conformation and temperament tests along with other requirements.

SCHH 1,2,3 Schutzhund tests three specific areas of a dog's training and behavior. The first, tracking, requires the dog to track footsteps over mixed terrain, change direction and show absolute accuracy and commitment to finding the track. It must also find dropped articles and indicate their locations to the handler. Often this is done under less than ideal circumstances with difficult cover, bad weather conditions and an aged track. Many find tracking to be the most satisfying experience in training, when only the handler and dog are working together. It is certainly the most peaceful part of Schutzhund.

The second phase is obedience. There is heeling, both on and off lead. The sit, down and stand are also done, except when the dog is moving. The handler and dog work on a soccer sized trial field. Some exercises require the dog to work under the noise of a firing gun. In addition to the normal dumbbell retrieval, the dog must retrieve over a one meter high wall and a six foot jump. Down stays and a long send away conclude the test.

The final test is the most misunderstood by the general public. This is protection training. The most important point to understand when watching a protection routine is the relationship between dog and handler. The dog must never bite the trial helper unless either the dog or the handler is attacked. Then it must attack fully and without hesitation. But here the real difference becomes apparent. The dog must stop biting on the command of the handler and guard the trial helper without further aggression. Often people confuse Schutzhund protection training with police dog or personal protection work. The Schutzhund dog is capable of the feats of never being aggressive except under those specific situations it is trained to face, and even then it must always be under the absolute control of the handler.

When a dog successfully completes the first trial, it is awarded a title of Schutzhund I. It can then progress to Schutzhund II and, the ultimate, Schutzhund III. Each level makes ever greater demands on the dog and training in all three areas. Any Schutzhunder will tell you that a high scoring Schutzhund III dog is the ultimate working dog: one in a thousand of all working dogs.

V-Rated: (Vorzuglich Rated): Highest rating awarded to dogs in the conformation evaluation at European or international shows.

V-1: Received the highest Vorzuglich conformation rating and placed first in his class.