Puppies for Sale/Litter DD

Litter whelped March 27, 2010.  All Pups have been placed in their new homes.

       Pedigree Sire "Apache"                                                               Pedigree Dam Pepin

             Green Girl at 2 weeks                                           Red Boy at 2 weeks                                               Camo Boy at 2 weeks

            Green Girl at 3 weeks                                          Red Boy at 3 weeks                                            Camo Boy at 3 weeks

                  Green Girl at 5 weeks                                           Red Boy at 5 weeks                                            Camo Boy at 5 weeks

Green Girl: 6.4 lbs at 6 weeks                       Red Boy 6.8 lbs. at 6 weeks                        Camo Boy 8.8 lbs. at 6 weeks

Test score: Mostly 3s (2.9 avg)                    Test Score: Mostly 3s (2.7 avg)                 Test Score: Mostly 3s (2.8 avg)

Probably the best, most balanced, overall Volhard test scores we have seen from a litter. All three pups exhibited high prey drive, high pack drive and an eagerness to please.All three scored ideally on two of the most important tests for protection and ease of training : 1s on sight sensitivity and 3s on retrieving.