Client's Pics

Thanks to all the folks for sending in pics of their pups. Keep 'em comin'!

Tita and Kolohe (right) at their home in Colorado with new friend Alii (2008)

Axel in Minnesota (2010)

Riley in Massachusetts at 4 months  (2010)             Riley at 7 months


Tita and Kolohe meet snow (2007)

 Kolohe & Tita like the summer better in Colorado (2008)

Gunner at his new home in Georgia (2006)

Gunner a year later on the boat (2007)

Nina showing off her ears at her new home in Chelsea, AL (2007)

Kylie Checking out her new digs (2007)

Maverick under the tree at his new home in Tennessee (2008)

Diesel at five months (2009)

Bella in Indiana (2009)

Tessa at 5 months  (2009)


Pack of three Schwarzer Hunds in Colorado (2009)         

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